Work Directly with Tahire Khan – Online Consultant, and Increase Your Online Conversion

The arrangement is simple: you gain significant results and I gain valuable data to power my knowledge base and resources. 

Live Lab!’s focus on improving subscription, lead generation, and ecommerce offers while providing:

  • Access to an online expert who has conducted hundreds of online tests
  • Knowledge and understanding through a thorough analysis of the focus area
  • Strategically planned and executed series of microtests, to minimize risk while determining the impact of these recommendations
  • Accurately measured and tracked results to determine the impact on your ROI.

The goal of a Live Lab! is to guide you through testing the most efficient ways to maximize traffic and increase conversion rates. Research areas include optimization of:

  • SEO (Natural Search)
  • PPC (Paid SEarch)
  • Landing Pages
  • Subscription Paths
  • Order Processes
  • eCommerce Pages
  • Advertising

I am constantly discovering new methods for optimization that have been yielding significant results in many other verticals and industries.

If you feel that you would be an ideal subject for my Live Lab! research than please complete the short form below.


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